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260 Young Australian Lives are Lost to SCA Every Year

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Sudden Cardiac Arrest, the world’s number 1 killer, has a known treatment.

Through the early intervention with CPR and the application of an Automated External Defibrillator, survivability rates can increase from 10% to as high as 85%. It’s time we get AEDs into our schools to protect our children, our teachers, school staff and our community.

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    Do we need AEDs?

    Yes! During a Cardiac Arrest, it’s estimated that an AED can increase the chance of survival from 10% to over 85%. It’s so important that AEDs are accessible and present during those critical moments.

    Keep the Beat Going Campaign will give your schools the tools they need to fundraise for AEDs by providing your school with the resources it needs to participate, and educate!

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    When your school has been registered with the program, you’ll receive access to your very own fundraising kit.

    • Fundraising Poster
    • Information Poster
    • Student’s Flyer
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    Be a CPR Hero!

    We can each learn how to be a CPR Hero and help Keep the Beat Going in an emergency.

    It's as simple DR'S ABCD

    • 1. Look around for Danger
    • 2. Try to get a Response from the person
    • 3. Send for help by calling 000 and looking for an AED
    • 4. Check their Airways for any blockages
    • 5. Check if they’re Breathing
    • 6. Start CPR
    • 7. Begin Defibrillation with an AED