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In January 2020, former Yellow Wiggle Greg Page collapsed onstage while performing at a bushfire relief concert. Greg had just suffered from a Cardiac Arrest. While this would normally result in tragedy for many, CPR was applied almost immediately and the venue’s AED was utilized well before the ambulance arrived. Through the quick thinking and bravery of a few individuals, Greg was revived and is fighting fit today!
While there are many ailments that we don’t yet have cures for, Sudden Cardiac Arrest, which is the World’s Number 1 killer, has a known treatment. Through the quick application of CPR and an Automated External Defibrillator, survivability rates can increase from 10% to as high as 90%.

Despite the incredible power of performing CPR and applying an AED to save a life, fear, ignorance and a lack of awareness means that many Australian lives are lost every year.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest can target Anyone, at Any Age, Anywhere at Any Time.

Keep the Beat Going is a campaign that’s founded by Greg with the sole purpose of getting AEDs into schools and teaching kids that they’re never too young to learn to “Keep the Beat Going” through CPR and applying an AED. Through this aim, we hope that many adults will also learn that if their kids can use an AED, so can they!

About the Program

How Schools Participate

Keep the Beat Going is a fun way to get your community and kids involved in raising awareness of the Chain of Survival along with starting the process of increasing the accessibility of AEDs both in your school and in your community.

How Teachers Participate

Through your Keep the Beat Partner, you'll be equipped with resources, posters, songs, and interactive material to remind kids of the simple yet essential steps that they might need one day to save a life!

How Students Participate

Songs, posters, and fundraiser kits provide kids with the materials necessary to educate their parents, community, and other kids in the importance of being able to use an AED and perform CPR. Young men and women are the future of our country and only through educating them can we pave the way for a better future.

Send Us Your Photos For ``Keep the Beat Going``

We want to hear about your AED & CPR good news stories! Send us a photo with an accompanying good news story and you will place your school in the running to win an AED for your school to either install on your campus or even donate to a worthy community organisation of your choice!

Sign Up Your School to “Keep the Beat Going!”

Stories From Survivors

Sudden Cardiac Arrest doesn’t have to end in tragedy and when we look at a problem this big, it’s important to remember that every life saved is a significant event of lasting impact. If you have a story of surviving sudden cardiac arrest, or have been touched by SCA in a significant way, we would love to share it so that together we can raise awareness.

Share “Keep the Beat Going” and Let’s get Positive About Making a Difference!

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