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Greg’s on a mission to get AEDs into Schools and to raise awareness of how easy is to tackle Australia’s #1 Killer. Keep the Beat Going is a fun initiative to not just ensure that our most precious are protected, but to ensure that our youth learn how they can ‘Keep the Beat Going’…

Let's Keep the Beat Going

Keep the Beat Going is about getting AEDs into EVERY School in Australia and ensuring that kids, teachers and parents, all know how to ‘Keep the Beat Going’.

Every year, without warning, thousands of Australians are lost to Sudden Cardiac Arrest. What’s most tragic, is that many of these deaths are preventable with quick access to AEDs and early CPR! Let’s Teach our kids that AEDs aren’t scary, and that they can be Heroes by Keeping the Beat Going.

About the Program

How Schools Can Participate

Keep the Beat Going is a fun way to get your community and kids involved in raising awareness of life-saving CPR and starting the process of getting more AEDs in both your school and community.

How Teachers Can Participate

Through your Keep the Beat Partner, you’ll be equipped with resources, posters, songs and interactive material to educate kids of the simple – but essential – steps that they may need to take to one day save a life.

How Students Can Participate

Education and fundraising kits provide kids with the material necessary to become advocates to their parents, community and other kids on the importance of CPR and AEDs. Get the mobile Game and Get Learning about how you can be a Hero!

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